At Conceptwear we have several methods in house to ensure that we can offer the best method of decoration. Often this is based on three things… your choice of garment, quantity required and your budget.


We have ten embroidery machines capable of producing an average of 4 garments each per hour so in a nutshell around 240-280 embroidered garments per day.

Our policy is to leave one machine entirely supporting small orders and top ups, so if you need just one garment we can turn this around quickly, whilst still leaving the bigger machine operating the larger quantities. This enables us to deal with ALL size of orders and still offer a quick turnaround for everyone.

Contract Embroidery

We have several customers who use us purely for contract embroidery. If you belong to a group or are looking to service your own customers we offer an embroidery only service. Contact us to discuss further.


We can also offer a re-bagging service, this is popular with companies requiring garments decorated and then bagged ready for re-sale.

Which Method Should I Choose?

Vinyl Printing

This method is ideal for sportswear and workwear for simple shapes and text. Exceptionally durable and with a variety of types available depending upon your garment. Cotton vinyl, polyester, glitter or even a lycra stretch vinyl.

Colour Print

Thin layer of material that can printed with a full colour logo. Hardwearing. Ideal for small or large runs. Looks great as a left breast size logo, minimum of 1 metre required.

Dye Sublimation

Ink process which directly dyes the fabric or product. Often used for gift items such as mugs. Ideal for large or small images. Perfect for small garment runs as requires no set-up fee. Can only be used on polyester products.


Embroidery is the most hardwearing method of decoration and suitable for all garment types. We operate a low set-up fee making embroidery an option for small companies with an average fee being £10. For larger quantities there is no fee involved at all. Prices are based on your logo, the more stitches the more expensive but we can advise and adjust things to make it affordable to all. We run tests of all embroidery prior to any garments being decorated and once approved by you.

Contact Us

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